A Glimpse Inside My Head

Goodnight Tumblrs

Watching the Hobbit

Homemade meatballs came out really good if I do say so myself!

TT- I’m not as strong as everyone thinks.

I was 3 minutes late to work this morning. Right at the entrance/ exit to our development, they have cones across the highway and a cop sitting in his car. They blocked off hwy 36 and had us go the wrong way on the highway to the next light. I come to find out the reason was that someone got run over at like 3am and they couldn’t even identify the person . I guess my day wasn’t so bad.

Samantha scored some prednisone from her doctor visit.

Good afternoon. On my way to take the girl for her asthma allergy appt.

I guess I’m an idiot. He came home a little in shock, but he just made another drink. I really would’ve thought he wouldn’t. I guess I really don’t know anything.